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Wound Dressing

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Wound Dressing

China Foam Wound Dressing factory

Foam Wound Dressing

Application of Foam: Abrasions,closed intact surgical wound,donor sites,laceration,Neuropathic ulcers.Open surgical wounds,skin tears,superficial partial thickness burns,venous lug ulcers. VARIOUS Different ... Read More
2020-08-25 17:20:45
China Silicone Wound Dressing factory

Silicone Wound Dressing

Silicone Wound Dressing Intended Use: 1,Scars caused by surgery : such as caesarean section, minimal invasive surgery 2,Scars caused by trauma: such as puncture,knife wound 3,Scars caused by burns 4,keloids and ... Read More
2020-08-25 16:10:16
China Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing factory

Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing

Hydrocolloid is a material contain gel-form agents,such as carboxymethylcellulose(CMC) and gelatin. It is applied to wound management, support wound bed a moist environment,accelerate wound healing process. ... Read More
2020-08-25 15:41:52
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