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China Epidemic Prevention-Covid 2019 manufacturer
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Epidemic Prevention-Covid 2019 & Anesthesia & Respiratory Series

About Us
Sure Care Corporation is a growing manufacturer and international supplier of medical products and Laboratory products , covering thousands of products within the medical field . We mainly produce wound dressing ( crepe ...
Factory Tour
The company operates on a 5-acre land including a 8,000 square-meter Class 100,000 cleanroom and 2,000 square-meter Class-10,000 cleanroom. The R&D department consists of biological, chemical, and physical laboratories ...
Quality Control
SURE CARE Quality Management Surecare's quality management system includes all aspects of quality relating to facilities, products, and service. However, quality management is not only focused on product and service ...
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Address : Changjiang Mid Road Qingdao China
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86-182-53294737(Working time)